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3 Benefits of Healthy Indoor Air in Mountain Brook, AL

Indoor air can be two to five times more polluted than that outside a building, especially if the building has poor airflow. Low indoor air quality (IAQ) can affect your health and comfort levels. Ensuring healthy indoor air at your property in Mountain Brook, AL is beneficial in the following ways.

1. Better Sleep

High humidity can contribute to low indoor air quality because it promotes the growth of biological spores and other contaminants. Humid air tends to trap pollutants rather than letting them dissipate, which further lowers your IAQ.

As a result, you might notice that you wake up a lot during the night, whether due to general wakefulness or snoring that disrupts your sleep. With fewer pollutants, chances are you’ll rest easier.

To regulate indoor humidity, invest in a dehumidifier and proper ventilation. This can contribute to reduced reliance on air conditioning and lower utility bills.

2. Fewer Allergic Reactions

Airborne pollutants such as biological contaminants, pollen and dust can trigger allergic reactions when a person inhales them. You may experience signs such as sneezing, coughing, a runny nose or nasal congestion.

You can invest in air cleaners or purifiers, which can trap the pollutants from the air circulating in your home. Also, ensure the air filters in your air conditioner are efficient by replacing or cleaning them when necessary.

3. Improved Health

Poor indoor air quality can lead to worsening of respiratory conditions such as asthma. Asthmatic people have sensitive respiratory systems that react when exposed to pollutants, which can make it difficult to breathe.

Children, people with heart or lung disease and pregnant women are at higher risk of developing health complications when inhaling unhealthy air. For children who are exposed to bad indoor air for prolonged periods, this may lead to poor lung development.

Most people spend the majority of their lives inside buildings, so maintaining healthy indoor air is vital. For reliable indoor air quality products and services, contact Airloc Heating and Cooling today.

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