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3 Tips for Using Your Heat Pump More Efficiently in Hoover, AL

With the stress that your heat pump gets put under, efficiency is paramount. Any information that helps you maximize this piece of equipment can be valuable. Therefore, here are three tips for homeowners in Hoover, AL who want to use their heat pumps more efficiently.

1. Take Maintenance Seriously

Conducting professional maintenance on your system is key to keeping it running efficiently. We strongly recommend doing this like clockwork and never succumbing to the temptation go without it in the misguided hope that you might save a little money.

Otherwise, parts will likely break down sooner, and your system’s overall life expectancy and energy efficiency will decline. There also might be subtle issues that a tune-up would catch and resolve that, without maintenance, would become unmanageable. We recommend that you schedule maintenance at least once per year, but having a professional examine your heat pump twice per year (once before summer and once before winter) would be even better.

2. Keep Filters and Outdoor Components Clean

Perhaps the single most important factor in determining how efficient your heat pump will be is the smoothness with which air flows through it, and a major threat to smooth airflow is the presence of dirt and debris in and on various critical system parts. You should to clean or replace your heat pump’s filters on your own at least once every 90 days. However, to clean system’s outdoor unit, you’ll need professional assistance.

3. Choose the Right Setting

When you set it to On, your heat pump will circulate air continuously, which can be great for evening out temperatures. However, Auto is often best, as it makes the pump’s fan circulate air only when the pump is actively conditioning your air.

Maximizing heat pump efficiency is actually fairly straightforward. There are a few habits that homeowners in Hoover, AL can change, but other issues may require professional work. If you run into one of them, call us at Airloc Heating and Cooling to schedule heat pump services.

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