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Why Air Conditioners Need Clean Filters

The filter on your Air Conditioning/Heating System is not just an add-on that makes the air in your home a little cleaner to breath. The filter does keep your home and indoor air cleaner, but it is also a critical part of the machine. The life of your system will be severely shorted if you don’t keep a clean filter in your ducts.

Your Air Conditioning system draws the air in your home through the return and passes it through a heat exchanger (Evaporator Coil) that removes the heat from the air and then sends the cooler air out of your supply registers to cool your home. If that heat exchanger encounters dirty air, it will act as a filter for your home – a $1,200 to $2,500 filter! You don’t want to change too many of those. The $2 or $3 filters from Wal Mart, Target or Lowes are much more cost effective! We recommend you check your filter once a month – depending on the season, conditions in your home, and placement of the filter, it may not always need to be changed monthly.

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