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Why Is My Heat Pump Running Constantly in Hoover, AL?

Your heat pump shouldn’t be running continuously, but if it is, there might be something wrong. Knowing why it’s happening could help you determine when it’s time to call in a professional. The following are some potential reasons why your heat pump might be running constantly at your home in Hoover, AL.

Dirty Air Filters

Dirty air filters could cause many problems for your heat pump. The main issue is that airflow reduces when the filter gets clogged, meaning the heat pump has to work harder than normal. It will continuously run while trying to reach the desired temperature.

Leaking Refrigerant

In low-pressure liquid form, the refrigerant absorbs heat from the air around it, while in high-pressure form, it expels heat when compressed. As the refrigerant travels through the system, it repeatedly passes between these two states, either heating or cooling the indoor environment as required.

However, if refrigerant starts leaking, it won’t be able to work properly. The unit will have to work harder to try and maintain preferred temperatures, so it will run continuously.

Refrigerant is dangerous, and no one without the proper training should ever handle it. If you suspect your pump has a refrigerant leak, we advise you to schedule professional HVAC maintenance or repair services.

Dirty or Damaged Evaporator Coils

Dirty or damaged condenser coils can cause your heat pump to run constantly. As tempting as it may be to clear debris away from the condenser coils, it’s best to leave it alone and call in a professional who can handle the situation. Trying to do it on your own may result in further damage.

Don’t put your HVAC system at risk by letting your heat pump continue to constantly run. Call Airloc Heating and Cooling today for our heat pump services. Our team is available for scheduled appointments and 24/7 emergency services in Hoover, AL.

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