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4 Reasons Your Home Has Poor Airflow in Hoover, AL

Staying at home in Hoover, AL should be comfortable and relaxing all year long. But you might be noticing that some rooms in your home aren’t getting enough air. Here are four possible reasons why your central air conditioner or heater might have poor airflow.

1. Your Air Filter Is Dirty

One of the most common reasons why air does not flow properly throughout the house is that the air filters are dirty. Dust, pet dander, and other airborne particles build up in your air filters after a couple of months and reduce airflow. As a result, your air conditioner struggles to blow air to all the rooms in your home.

2. Air Ducts Have Leaks and Dust Buildup

Old, worn out, or damaged ductwork is another problem that impacts airflow. Over time, your air ducts can develop cracks and holes through which air leaks out and never reaches the intended rooms. Cleaning and sealing your air ducts will keep the air flowing properly through the entire house.

3. The HVAC Unit Is Very Old

With regular tune-ups and occasional repairs, most AC units can last a good 10-12 years or more. But if your unit is beyond the decade mark and is struggling to maintain good airflow, it might be time to get a replacement. Installing a new air conditioner when needed can be one of the most valuable and practical investments a homeowner can make.

4. Blocked Registers and Vents

One last reason that your home might have hot spots or cold spots is that something is restricting the airflow from your vents. If you’ve moved tall bookshelves or other furniture around recently, double-check that they are not blocking any air vents. Additionally, make sure that adjustable vents or registers are clear of dust and are wide open to allow maximum airflow.

Maintaining proper airflow is crucial to keeping your home comfortable all year long. If some rooms in your home still aren’t getting the proper amount of conditioned air, let us fix that problem right away. Contact Airloc Heating and Cooling to schedule a service call and explore AC repair solutions for your home.

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